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I was served contempt papers for not contacting supervised visit place so dad could see our son. What do I do am I in trouble?

West Allis, WI |

I have my 10yr old son living with me. Dad has been in and out of his life. Dad took me to court 3 yrs ago and ended up with supevised placement only for a Final Order from judge. Dad visited son for 1 yr and disappeared for 2 yrs. Dad served me with papers to start seeing Jaylon again unsupervised at his house. Commissioner said to resume supervised visits. No one contacted me after court. 3 months later I was served contempt papers from dad for not responding to supervised visitation place but no one ever contacted me via phone, mail etc. Court date is next week. Dad is known to be abusive, play games, not really having the best interest of our son in mind. To preoccuppied trying to make my life hard. What do I do? Can't afford attorney since I have three children.

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If there is a court order indicating you were supposed to initiate contact and you failed to do so, you are in contempt of court. If the court order even impies you were supposed to take action, you could be in trouble.

Frankly, the "no one contacted me" defense is not very convincing. Why did you not follow up? You knew he was entitled to visitation.

Contempt sanctions range from verbal warnings to fines to jail time. You need an attorney to represent and defend you. You cannot care for your children if you are in jail.

I suggest contacting Centro Legal or the Legal Aid Society for assistance/more specific advice.

Centro Legal:

Legal Aid:

Good luck!