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I was served a letter saying I needed to respond by writing an answer to the petition of paternity. What does that mean?

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I filed for child support with the attorney general's office and scheduled a time to meet with my son's father to come up with an agreement of support but he did not show. So I am now having to go through the court systems and was served a letter saying they needed a response in writing but I have no idea what to respond. And what is the next step I need to take to get paternity established and child support set up.

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It appears there is a question as to who the father is, respond by calling or writing to the party on the letter, that you are willing to produce the child or children and take the DNA tests to resolve the issue.

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Kathleen Rolston Robbins

Kathleen Rolston Robbins


Any time you are served with a petition you need to file an Answer within the time stated. The attorney general does not represent you, but represents the state of Texas. You need to send something in writing to the court stating that you believe "Mr. X" is the father of the child and you want DNA testing. The court cannot order him to pay child support until there is proof that he is the biological father of the child - which DNA testing can determine.


Contact the attorney representing you from the texas Attorney Generals Office. The Attorney General's Office likely filed the Paternity Action with the court to establish who is the biological father. The two of you were not married at the time of birth? If not, then there is no presumed father so parentity would need to be established. I hope this helps.

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