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I was served a (TPO) i received a continuance for 2 weeks, but i need to file a parenting plan for non married parents olympiaWA

Lakewood, WA |

i dont have any idea all the forms i need to fill file and/or serve...

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That's not surprising -- that's why people hire lawyers -- we're trained in the law. Please hire counsel.

Please note that THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT INTENDED AS LEGAL ADVICE and are for informational purposes only. This response is not intended to create any attorney-client relationship and is only based on the limited facts given. The response might change should additional facts be learned and should not be relied on as legal advice. It is recommended that you consult with an attorney who can properly assess the situation, as well as all pertinent facts, prior to taking any action based on the foregoing statements


It must have been such a bummer to get served with legal papers that restrict you from your child, even if you knew it might happen. So sorry that your family is going through this. If you want to call me on Monday (357-8669), I can talk briefly with you about what is going on and your options. The other lawyer in my office, T.J. Martin can also give you information if I am not available. Since this is such a bewildering situation you find yourself in, the best thing by far (if you can afford it at all) is to consult with or hire a good quality family law attorney. Best wishes to you and to your child (or children - if you have more than one).


The forms that are required can be found on the state court website. The SUMMONS has the website printed on it. You can type Washington state courts into a search engine to get to the site. It does not have instructions. Go to for forms and instructions. You can also buy a packet at the courthouse. Most courthouses also have a courthouse facilitator that will help you review the papers after you have started them and give you a hand in the local procedure to respond to a hearing or schedule a hearing.

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