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I was self employed and i didn't pay enough security in when i was working.. now im disable and cant work. I need help now.

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I've been in and out of the hospital since 1995, suffering with cancer i've just taken a hepatitis C treatment, now i just found out I have lymphomia cancer. Security have turned me down since 2010 because I still have not paid enough security taxes, I am not able to work my wife income pays all the bills and it is not enough we are struggling every day there have to be some where that i can get help we are selling everything that we have trying to make it

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Sorry to hear about your situation.

If you have not paid enough taxes to qualify or have enough credits for SSDI, the only other option is SSI. And, you mentioned your wife's income, so that suggests you are not eligible for SSI because of excess resources - SSI is need based and you cannot have have cash or assets of more than about $2000. That probably means you asos do not qualify for assistance from the State or Couty too.

I am not aware of any other programs that provide other help, but perhaps some of my Texas colleagues here on Avvo have some other ideas.

Best of luck to you..

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Social Security Disability works very much like a private disability insurance program -- if you have not paid the premiums during your working years, you are not eligible for the benefit if you become disabled. SSI is a welfare benefit that may available if your income is very low -- under about $700 per month.

You can talk to the people in your county department of social or family services to see if there are local or state programs that may be available to you. They may also be aware of private or charitable programs in your area.


I will also add that if you were self-employed you may want to talk to an accountant to see whether or not you could amend your tax returns for years past to include payments for wages and payroll taxes. it could be very expensive, but it could also be a chance to "fix" your record.

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