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I was rob at gun point in my apartments beat real bad an the rent office aint help me we what should I do already call the polic

Decatur, GA |

I walk threw ask for change for a ten the guy gave a five a said hold on then said come rite qiuck I did he shut and lock it as he went to the back of their house to I notice to other guys on the sofa as he came back and we exchange the money one guy hit me in the back of my head while the other two help jump on me an go in my pockets I felt the door open so I tryed to run out they follow me an continue to hit me with the gun its on camera and nothing is being done I see them every day but dont no names what can I do

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You should report the crime and everything you know about who did it to the police.


It sounds as though these people live in your complex. First of all you should immediately call the police. I'm a hot concerned as to why you didn't do that in the first place. Once you have done that and appropriate action has been taken by the authorities, you may consider having a lawyer investigate whether these individuals had a prior criminal history. Most apt complexes run background checks on tenants and all complexes have a duty to provide adequate security.

It is possible that you may have a claim against the apt complex although, under Georgia law, the claim would be subject to the new apportionment statute.

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