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I was released from an arrest by signing a stipulation of probable cause and release form. does this mean they will dismiss it?

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i was arrested and the sargent that night said he was going to let me go and had me sign a stipulation of probable cause and release form. after months go by i found that he filed the case. i still have no court date and the only paperwork i have is that form. i was told by another lawyer that the paperwork was so they can dismiss the case. do u think they are still in that process sense they cant drop a case that has not been filed or they are filing to press chargers and someone will send me a court date? the only way i found out it was filed was because of my work and there clearance. once again i have nothing showing a court date or a ticket nothing?

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If it's been filed then it is very unlikely that it will be dismissed. The stipulation for probable cause is likely the basis for the filing. May I suggest that you have a criminal defense attorney review the documents that you signed. Many reputable criminal defense attorneys offer a free consultation. The price is right so contact a few. Good luck.
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There are some issues here that are not clear. For example, who did the sergeant file the case with? This may be a case in which the final determination of filing comes from the D.A.'s office. If so, then the sergeant has referred it to the DA for review and filing.

In the meantime you may check with the court clerk's office to see if you are scheduled for a hearing.

This does not create an attorney-client relationship. That costs money and this is free.


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