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I was recently Incarcerated and while I was there I was forced, against my will, to take a lie detector test. Is this legal?

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I was threated with being held past my release date on a 30 days to 23 months sentence. Were my civil right violated?

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No it is not legal. You cannot be compelled to take a lie detector test nor are the results admissible in any Court proceeding

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This sounds disturbing. You should consult with a civil rights attorney to see if they are interesting in filing a Federal claim on your behalf.


I agree completely with Attorney Crawford. You can not be compelled/coerced to submit to a polygraph examination and the results are not admissible. You should not talk with any law enforcement officers or agree to anything else requested of you by them. I would also suggest that you reach out to your attorney on this.


I agree with my colleagues. The results are not admissible. Whether you have a civil rights claim and whether you will recover anything is another issue. If you were held in prison longer as a result of this, you may have a good case. However, if this did not effect your case or your release date, then there may not be much if any recovery. Speak to a civil rights attorney for more details.

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It really does not sound right at all as my colleagues have said you need to contact a civil rights attorney. By any chance were you incarcerated as a result of a probation violation for a sex crime or Megans law reporting crime?

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Schedule a free consultation with a civil rights attorney in the Philadelphia area. Good luck.