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I was recently charged with an MIP of a controlled substance, marijuana was not mine but was by my purse. Can I still be charged

East Grand Rapids, MI |

I want to fight the ticket, but does this charge really affect me that badly?

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Yes you can be charged. It is very serious as misdemeanors affect your future. Get an attorney and plan your defense.

My answer to you question does not constitute legal advice. Only an in person or telephone consultation will result in an attorney/client relationship. Please do not rely on brief answers without checking with an attorney in a confidential consultation.


Yes, you can be charged. Hire a good lawyer to see if you have a possible defense to prosecution.

The information provided is not advice but a legal perspective and you should schedule a consultation with the lawyer of your choice.


Hire a good criminal defense attorney in your area. Drug charges can harm your chances of employment and financial aid eligibility among other things. Fight this charge!

This is general information and not legal advise. This communication does not create a lawyer-client relationship.


Yes you can be charged. Hire an attorney and fight like hell. This may affect you for the rest of your life.


I agree with all of these other fine attorneys. This is a drug charge and will affect your future. I handle these in Grand Rapids and there are things that can be done to help. Do not make any admissions to anyone. Do not even admit that it belonged to someone else. Anything you say can and will be used against you so it is important that your lawyer do the talking for you at this point. I wish you luck!

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The comments listed here do not create an attorney-client relationship. The comments are for informational purposes only and are not to be considered legal advice. This attorney is only licensed in Michigan and does not give legal advice in any other state. All comments are to be considered conversational information and you should not rely on these comments as legal advice or in place of retaining an attorney of our own. The comments here are based solely on what you have provided and therefore are general in nature and with more specific facts or details a different answer or outcome could result. The legal system is not a perfect science and this attorney does not guarantee any outcome.


I also agree with all of the other attorneys. This charge can have serious repercussions on your future. As Mr. Sternisha stated, do not make any statements as anything you say can and will be used against you. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you through the process and determine whether or not you should go to trial. I also practice in the Grand Rapids area and would be happy to help. I have represented countless people in your same situation. Please call me if you would like to discuss your case. 616-451-4000

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