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I was recently arrested at my boyfriends house. The police had an arrest warrant for my boyfriend on search and seize.

Merced, CA |

He was not home when they raided the property. I was asleep in his bed when they busted the door down. The police recovered 4.74 grams of meth, 300.87 grams of marijuana, $1434 US currency, and MY Vehicle.
Arrest date:1-24-13
Vehicle release request: 2-7-13
Claim opposing forfeiture : 3-22-13
Notice of court trial short cause Re: claim opposing forfeiture date: 4-29-13
**(These are some of the forms I have completed and filed.)
Now, how can I get my car back?
How shall I prepare my case?
If the D.A has not filed charges on me bye 4-29-13, how can I pled a winning case?

These are my questions. Please contact me with help.

Thank you,
Sincerely (the girlfriend)

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Attorney answers 3


You need an attorney not a few how to pointers from the web. You have several issues here to contend with. Do not post any more facts on AVVO because it is not private. You can ask police what they need to see before releasing the vehicle but they may be holding it as evidence which is why you need an attorney.


The short cause trial is only to decide whether your property has to be returned or not and it most probably won't be. The issue of criminal charges is a separate issue but with that much contraband you can count on being charged with something.


I strongly encourage you to retain an attorney. It appears that the prosecution missed the deadline to file the forfeiture matter. Don't take my word, contact a forfeiture attorney in your area.

The response above is not intended as legal advice since it’s impracticable to provide thorough, accurate advice based upon the query without additional details. It is highly recommended that one should seek advice from a criminal defense attorney licensed in your jurisdiction by setting up a confidential meeting. Moreover, this response does not constitute the creation of an attorney-client relationship since this message is not a confidential communication because it was posted on a public website, thereby publicly disclosing the information, which is another reason to setup a confidential meeting with an attorney.