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I was rear ended in florida. My attorney isn't getting me what I need. Help!

Orlando, FL |

I haven't gotten anything for my 6 months out of work, mileage, gas, NOTHING. He seems to be the settling type of lawyer, who only goes for policy I had back surgery and now am about to lose my job come Dec 2012 because of FMLA expiring, my job never offered me a sit down position, which they have they just want to let me go because they feel i can't perform my job, but i can do customer service and sit down. They've haven't even offered that position which has the same experience. I told my attorney he doesn't handle it. I am in a great deal of pain and all the medical visitis are eating into any $ to pay my back bills/reimburse for time/travel. WHAT CAN I DO AT THIS POINT. i need a bulldog to give me advice! Can i sue the driver personally? or only their insur. comp?

I am driving to physical therapy on fumes. exhausted my savings. am in pain, about to lose my job and I am the person who was rear ended. The person who hit me has over $100k and yet I don't have a penny and am paying for everything out of pocket. Doesn't make sense. Isnt this what having insurance is about? I'm open to all answers if you are in the central florida area and willing to do consultation please let me know.

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Please explain why you posted this question under Workers' Compensation. If the car accident was, in fact, work-related, it could make all the difference in what advice you get and what options you currently have. That said, if you are not happy with your attorney, set an appointment to see him immediately to discuss your concerns. If his office will not give you one, or if you are not happy with the answers you get, then go consult with another attorney right away. Do not continue to wait for things to happen, unless someone you trust has told you that waiting is the best option for you.

Rachel A Lyne

Rachel A Lyne


I agree.


You sound like you need more attention than your Attorney is giving you. You can either get more attention or get a new Attorney. The driver is technically responsible for any damages above the Auto Policy, but collecting the balance is often a challenge.

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


You should sit down with your attorney and tell him your concerns. If you still feel the same way you do now about him representing you then switch attorneys.

Good luck.

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You should try and work things out with your lawyer. If not, find someone who has the experience and aggressiveness to get you what you deserve. Feel free to check us out at We are happy to give advice, as you requested via phone (800) 6-know-law.

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