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I was raped 10 years ago but never filed a police report. Is it possible to still press charges?

Livonia, MI |

I was 15 years old and didn't tell anyone but now I'm interested in pressing charges. There's no evidence and he lives out of state.

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Theoretically yes, but realistically no. It would solely be your word against his as it is impossible to collect any medical evidence. It is highly doubtful any prosecutor would take the case.


I agree with the other answer. Without evidence it will be difficult to convince a prosecutor to take the case. However, there is no harm in reporting the crime.


you definitely need to report it. Although the prosecutor may not do anything there's one thing for sure if you don't report it there's a hundred percent guarantee that they won't do anything.


You need to contact the police and at the very least make a report. Did you ever tell any friends or family members about the abuse?

This is general information and not legal advise. This communication does not create a lawyer-client relationship.


You may always report a crime and I encourage you to do so. Whether or not it is legally pursuable depends on the statute of limitations which includes many factors not listed. When an offender moves out of state, the statute is tolled, etc. If you say that this happened, your testimony IS the evidence. Many CSC offenders have been convicted on the victim's testimony alone. In addition, even if your case cannot be prosecuted, if this man is a suspect in other assaults, your information/testimony may be helpful to other prosecutions. The only answer that matters will come from the prosecutor's office and not from the lawyer's on this site.

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