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I was pulled over on a revoked license. I'm on probation for 1st time DUI. What will happen when I go to book myself in?

Madison, TN |

There was no other traffic violation involved. The officer just scanned my plate, then pulled me over. He said all they my probably do is issue fines & a driving class. Could that be true?

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No. You have violated your probation with a new criminal offense and have disregarded the courts order. Plus driving in revoked carries mand jail time.

You need an attorney.

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The new case will probably violate your probation as well, and may involve jail time. If you had an attorney on the DUI, I suggest you give them a call. If not, I suggest that you consult with one ASAP. Hiring an experienced local attorney will give you the best chance of beating the case or mitigating the charge and punishment that you are facing. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


A charge of driving on a revoked license during your probationary period subjects you to jail time. The booking process itself is nothing to fear, but beyond that this isn't something you want to face on your own. When they give you the date of your first court appearance, go in with an attorney.


I think you would be well-advised to obtain your restricted license prior to court to demonstrate that you are attempting to comply with the law. Further, you would be well-advised to inform your probation officer of the new charge before your booking date. He or she will find about it. It is better if he or she learns from you.

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