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I was pulled over and the police took my Id not Drivers license my ID...How do I get it back?

Canyon Country, CA |

I was pulled over and I had a suspended license. So they searched my car and took my ID card. So how do I get it back? Can I go to the police station and get it back?

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Negotiating a good resolution given the circumstances of your case will take an attorney familiar with the policies and procedures of the court where the matter is pending. Consult with a traffic attorney familiar with the judges and practices in the court where you received the ticket to explore your options.

It would be worth your while to check with a lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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great answer, but I would like to add that criminal defense attorneys most often offer free consultations. I am always amazed that one can find free advice in regard to this problem by merely scrolling through This will show who practices in your area and how close they are to the court and your home.
Try this and see if it doesn't work. Be sure and tell them you are seeing another attorney as well and you will never be pressured to hire.

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