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I was out on FMLA which resulted of approval for up to 3yrs, however, I attempt to return back to work after being off 1yr 30day

Indianapolis, IN |

contact HR-email,stated it wasn't up to them for my return, release from all dr's-fax over. I return w/no restrictions-given a letter they did not have any positions for my 30 years of customer service exp. which was not true. I filed a civil rights due to my disabilities and although an investigation was done, things were unethical but could not prove discrimina. I had a witness employee contact civil rights to verify there were open positions, my file I got was all lies from their lawyers. The person in HR who end my empl was demoted-3rd shift supervisor in warehouse has been there 1yr this month. I only have 1wk to file federal court 90 days within EEOC dte. I have email proof of the facts. I know its retaliation b/c I reported HR with employ hotline prior-I have proof-do i need atty?

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I highly recommend that you contact an employment lawyer today. You need to make sure you get your complaint filed prior to the expiration of the 90 day deadline. Handling this type of case pre se (without an attorney) is not a good idea.