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I was ordered to pay attorneys fees to my ex wifes attorney for both her alimony appeal and hearing awarding alimony.

Ocala, FL |

I was ordered to pay a total of $16,971.00. I pay the atty $75 a month as it is all I can afford, and still pay all my bills. The ex was awarded $1300 a month in permanent alimony and $200 a month in back alimony. This is approximately 23% of my gross monthly pay. Her attorney just sent me an interrogatories to aid in execution. I looked it up, and it appears she wants to serve a lien on me. I also owe MY divorce atty $10,000.00 and am paying him at $100 a month.

As long as I am actually paying, can she take my car, my belongings and almost basically put me out in the streets? What I am paying is what I can reasonably afford at the moment. The ex's attorney tld me to cash out my 401(k) and she would consider a discount. I cant even take a loan on it (one exists). What can i do

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This is not really a family law / divorce question at this point. You need to seek advice from an experienced bankruptcy / asset protection attorney. Please consult a tax specialist before you consider liquidating your tax-deferred retirement accounts. There is protection under the laws for situations like yours, but divorce attorneys aren't the ones you want to go to at this point. Good luck.


I agree with the previous answer.