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I was on a month to month lease preparing to move. Gave my notice to leave by the end of June. landlord claimed never gave ..

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My lease was one month at a time. Manager of the park told me to give her the notice. All utilities were shut off at the home mid June. New lease else where was signed starting July and allowed to move in Mid June as well. Now I received a bill from park saying no notice was given and I was not moved out till first week of July. The end bill they sent me was of coarse over they amount they owed me as a total.

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Your statement highlights the important of sending notices via certified mail with a signature requirement, so that you have a verifiable paper trail in the event the other party claims you didn't give notice.
When did you give notice? A 30 day notice is typically required in these situations.

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At this point you have only a bill
Write back with your version and request the refund you calculate
Then see what happens

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