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I was not on the Deed or financial papers for our marital home but I was on the homestead.

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I put over 50,000.00 in the marital home as we had an agreement to use my house as a rental. He sold the marital home without my signature to release the homestead. Firstly, is the sale illegal? I did not sign off on the homestead. I thought our marital home was our forever married home, all along he waited until I used every dime to renovate, then I found out he was cheating the whole time and actually waiting for me to finish all of the repairs. He has since sold the "handy man special".how do I get my money back? He didn't profit from the sale, No one is getting their worth from their home. I would have never invested under false pretenses. What is my recourse?

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you can make a cleam for reimbursement of your investment plus the increase in the value of the property. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659.


I don't understand the status of the case, and that makes all the difference in the world. Has a petition for dissolution been filed? If so, was the home sold prior to filing? Have you had a lawyer through any of this? You need to sit down with a family law lawyer and get into the details with him/her. Call for a free consult and analysis.