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I was never put on the lease of the apartment that i stayed with a friend. They r garnishing my check. What can i do?

Waveland, MS |

I stayed with a friend n his apartment,I was never put on the lease until 2/2013. But he owed back rent and they r garnishing my check for his back rent. When i tried to get on the lease they wouldn't let me, so I don't think it's right that i have to pay for his back rent and that they were wrong for taking it out of my check when i was never on the lease to begin with.

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Attorney answers 2


Sounds like someone took a judgment against you. You need to lawyer up. If there is a notice issue in the judgment you may be able to set aside. Try NACA for an attorney


You are going to have to challenge the judgment they have against you that allows them to garnish your paycheck. There would be a couple of ways to do that. You could claim you did not get notice of the suit filed against you and that in any event you are not liable for the debt (in this case overdue rent). You may even be able to seek sanctions against the judgment creditor (the landlord) if they made a false statement somewhere that you are liable for the back rent. Get a copy of the lease and the garnishment information that your employer has and check with an attorney to explore your options. I