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I was married less then a month ago, April 13th. She quit taking her mental stability meds. Can this marriage be annulled?

Pasco, WA |

I was unaware to the degree of her problems before we were married. I knew he was sharp with the tong and very stubborn. She as been on state help for health coverage, and now that we are married she feels she cant go see her doctor to follow up on refills. I cant deal with the everyday stresses she attacks me with. In November she was arrested for domestic violence towards me, but after her return everything was going great up to our wedding. This is when she ran out of her medication and she has been very hard to live with. We have no children together, but have been living in the same home for almost over a year. I'm not saying im the greatest of guys, but I need out and with some kind of protection in doing so. I have no idea where to turn and would greatly appreciate some advise

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We don't actually have annulment in WA, the equivalent is asking the court for a declaration of invalidity, and it's only available in extremely limited circumstances because it requires the court finding that the marriage never should have been contracted, for example because one of the parties was too young or already married to someone else. See the acceptable grounds in the statute: Perhaps you could claim there was "fraud involving the essentials of marriage," but then you'd have to prove that emotional stability is an essential of marriage, which sort of goes against the "in sickness and in health" part of the vows. Is there a particular reason you don't want a divorce? You have to jump through all of the same legal hoops, so there is no procedural advantage to invalidity over's actually harder because you have to prove that a valid marriage never actually existed, instead of saying it is now irretrievably broken, which is simply a matter of one of the parties asserting that fact. If there's more to the story, you should absolutely talk to a lawyer.

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