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I was locked out of residence

Vancouver, WA |

I am an occupant in a residence of a deceased lady, I was her end of life care giver. The family and executor gave me permission to stay in the residence until I found another job. In the meantime one of her sons lost his home in foreclosure and wanted to move in the executor told him no due to the fact he used his mother credit card fraudulently for gambling. Which is also been sent the Attorney General for elder abuse in Washington State. While I was away from my home overnight he broke in and changed the locks and locked me out I am sleeping in my car tonight as I am unemployed and in another state from my family. Do I have any rights?

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Attorney answers 1


Make an appointment to see an attorney in the Vancouver area as soon as possible. If you cannot afford an attorney make contact with "Northwest Justice Project" (you will find them on the internet) for assistance. You should diary out all the oral statements made concerning this matter by the executor/personal representative to help that attorney identify whether you have any claims. The general information that you have given here would incline me to say you very well may have claims to assert. This is very unfortunate and I wish you the best of luck. Depending on what you want to accomplish and the integrity of the personal representative, a resolution to your problem may be something that is possible to accomplish with as little as one letter and one phone call from an attorney or legal advocate in your area, or as complicated as a variety of possible legal filings by either the personal representative - or you - or perhaps both. It will obviously take some time to get in to see an attorney so I strongly suggest you diary out what happened now and document your expenses as a result of this lock out.