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I was kicked out of a club by excessive force by bouncer. Can they do that without a verbal warning ?

Las Vegas, NV |

I was in cashier line. I argued about entrance fee. I was loud but not violent or danger to no one. All of the sudden, bouncer grabbed me and threw me out like a sack of potatoes. I deserved to be asked to leave before I get attacked. I have feet and I can walk. I only have bruises on my arm. Would I be able to do anything about this?
Thank you.

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Sorry about your experience. This is very common here in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, unless you have eye witness statements *and* significant injuries, there are few attorneys who would be interested in such a claim (I probably get 1 "beat up by a bouncer" call per month).

I've taken such cases when there are broken bones or dislocations. But only arm bruising is probably not enough to make it worth the investment of resources.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.


There are always two sides to every story. And while I'm not suggesting that what you state isn't true it's going to be one of those he said she said type of situations. As suggested above unless you have other eyewitness statements that will back you up it probably is a case that most lawyers would not be getting involved in. However you can always contact some of the local personal injury attorneys in the area and I'm sure they would be happy to discuss this matter with you in a free phone consultation. Good luck.

I will be happy to speak with you at no cost with a FREE phone consultation. Please call my office at 619-238-1905 or visit my website at


In general, as a "business invitee" (you are a customer/prospective customer), the business and its employees (the bar is responsible for its employees) can not assault patrons. One difficulty is that it's your word against theirs. More importantly, your injuries (fortunately) are not serious. Bringing a lawsuit can be expensive. The cost of the case would likely outweigh your damages. You might also consider making a complaint to your state Liquor Control Board against the bar. That isn't the same as a personal injury case but it might help change their behavior.

This does not establish an attorney client relationship and you should contact a license attorney in your state if you desire legal advice.


The prevailing view is that the Club wants your business so that you would not have been escorted out unless you were perceived of doing something “wrong.” This is problematic because the club always has the right to refuse service to customers. It is always best practices to file an incident report with contact information of witnesses and send a written request to preserve any surveillance video which may have covered the area. To that end, you can review all the evidence with a lawyer to determine whether you have a viable claim.

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