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I was just put in active forclosure and I want to keep my home.

Slatington, PA |

I tried to make a payment and was told that I couldnt because I was in active forclosure. I have not recieved a letter yet. No one will call me back from the loan cousoling dept. Or from their lawyer. I can pay the full amount in 3 weeks. Do I have options?

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Yes. You should be able to catch it up and get out of foreclosure. The problem may be that they could add foreclosure attorney fees to the balance due, which may be a good bit more than you currently owe. Set aside the payments that they won't take now, so that you can use them to catch up the account as soon as you are able to do so. You should also request a reinstatement figure from them, so that you have in writing how much it will take to catch it up.


Send a written request for the full amount due by a date certain. Send that request to as many addresses and/or people as you can find. Explain that you will have the funds by a certain date. Follow through on any promises that you make.

My best to you.

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