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I was just in a accident with a school bus

Brooklyn, NY |

i was taking the corner and the school bus reversed into me damaging my right fender and right doors and braking my right door mirror . i called the cops and made a report. can someone please help ,e as i am nt sure what to do next. thank you

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Without any delay you should really retain an attorney. The reason is that there are so many facts and circumstances that could change my answer as to what it is that you need to do.

If you were injured, note that personal injury attorneys almost always give a free consultation. The insurance industry’s own statistics indicate that the value of a claim as much as doubles after an attorney becomes involved. So, the attorney will earn his or her fee. You also want someone who has handled cases like yours before so that you do not miss anything important in putting the case forward.

This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as, and does not constitute, legal advice. Laws vary widely from state to state. You should rely only on the advice given to you during a personal consultation by a local attorney who is thoroughly familiar with state laws and the area of practice in which your concern lies.


In Houston they increase the fine by $900 if you are at fault for not stopping for a school bus. Hire an attorney right away. Make sure you report to your insurance company in writing, CMRRR. You didn't say if there were any students on the bus, but you have a potential claim from each if there were.

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