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I was just accused of hit and run, I didn't do it!

Snohomish, WA |

Someone just came to my home and said that a car like mine was at there house a month ago and hit their car. They said that a neighbor recognized my car from the neighborhood and so they came over and took down my license number. They said that the 'hit and run' happened one month ago. I'm wondering, "Aren't they supposed to report this kind of things and why did they wait so long to say anything? I did not do this, they have a vary large dent in the side of a Work Van and I have an Acura with NO damage!! What should I do?

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If you have no involvement in this collision, you have nothing to worry about and don't have to do anything. The person who is claiming damage will have to file a police report. The police are obligated to investigate and will likely call you. If you are involved with the collision, I would decline talking to the police. Again, if you have no involvement, you have nothing to worry about. As a practical matter, I would examine your car to make sure there is no damage in the event that someone could have borrowed your car. If your car was somehow involved, contact your insurance company. Given there are no witnesses, it would be difficult to successfully convict you of hit and run even if you were charged. If you are positive you are being falsely accused and you have no damage to your car, tell that to the police should they come knocking. Let me know if this information is helpful. Good luck.

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Thank you for answering so quickly, I was just wondering, aren't they supposed to file a police report right away for something like a 'hit & run" anyway?

Martin Wade Hodges

Martin Wade Hodges


They probably should have and it would likely be required by their insurance company if they submitted it as a damage claim. Maybe they don't have insurance, its hard to say why they haven't.


If you didn't do it and your car has no damage, it is unlikely you will get charged. If you do, you can retain a local lawyer to defend you.

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If you are being accused, you should probably notify your insurance company so they can handle the denial of the claim.

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