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I was involved in auto accident. Should i see a doctor or chiropractor?

Houston, TX |

I was rear-ended by another vehicle and believe i have whiplash. I am wondering if i should see a chiropractor or a medical doctor first? If i see a chiropractor and still have pain then will the insurance company pay me less money because i did not go see a medical doctor first? Will a chiropractor be covered by by the other person's insurance? They have already accepted liability.

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It really comes down to personal preference and who does the best job for you. However, insurance companies tend to respect the opinions and credentials of medical doctors more than those of chiropractors. Physiatrists are physical rehabilitation doctors who often have physical and massage therapists on site who can offer comprehensive therapy services.


Get the medical treatment you need from the provider that gives it. Assuming you weren't at fault because you were also negligent, the other person is liable to you for the damages he or she caused. That's why there's insurance. You should check with your own insurer to find out whether you have a med-pay benefit. But the bottom line is, if you got hurt, get treatment, whether allopathic, chiropractic, physical therapy, whatever. Focus on healing and let the chips fall where they may for payment of medical bills.

Not legal advice as I don't practice law in Texas. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer who holds Texas licensure. That's not me.


Auto insurance companies are generally biased against chiropractors because some chiropractors have a reputation for overtreating or overbilling. However, treatment by either a chiropractor or a medical doctor is covered by the other driver's liability insurance. You should seek whatever treatment works best for you. Your main goal is to recover from your injuries.