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I was involved in an accident and taken to the hospital for treatment. There they performed test to check my well being. They

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They took blood for health reasons and later the officer requested it for b.a.c. the nurse refused to give it to him. I never sighned any release form
Can the court get my results? I was never asked to perform a breathalyzer. Does this violate dr. Patient confidentialality?

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If there is probable cause to believe you were involved in a DUI incident, the officer can request this from the hospital, but only if they already drew blood for another purpose. Without a warrant, the hospital will fight this.

More important, we're you in an accident? Why were you in the hospital? Related to the accident? Why was a cop involved?

You'd be best to repost this under criminal, as a criminal lawyer might be of some help to you. This has nothing to do with med mal.

Good luck.

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

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Illinois law provides for an exception to doctor/patient confidentiality which would have allowed the nurse to give the officer the BAC result. The State's attorney also has the ability to subpoena the blood test records, although your attorney can move to quash the subpoena. It will be up to a judge to determine whether the state will get access to the BAC results.


Prior counsel was correct in his assessment that your question is one appropriately addressed to criminal defense practitioners. I will defer to Illinois lawyers on the particularities of the local law on this subject. In the meantime I will tell you that police in my home state, if there were sufficient information to support issuance of a search warrant (probable cause), would obtain a search warrant to obtain the blood test results. You need to be in contact with a lawyer skilled in th handling of DUI cases without delay.


Did you get criminally charged?


Yes the results are discoverable under the chain of events you described.

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