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I was involved in an accident back in July, not my fault. trying to get missed wage statement prepared.

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Involved in accident back in July, trying to get missed wage statement prepared. My boss started working on it in September. She gave me several false completion dates. Meaning dates she said it would be be but it wasnt. It is now November, and it still is not done. She says she was working on it but her boss told told to send it to HR department in another state. So the information has been faxed to the HR department. The issue is her boss, was talking with me and her about it in September and she never mentioned anything about this. We have swapped many many messages back and forth and now this. My lawyer is still waiting on this information. Its not rocket science from September- till now and I still dont have the information.

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Online we have even a less chance at this than doew YOUR OWN LAWYER which you have.

That is where your effort should be


It's not clear what you're asking. However, whatever your question, or complaint, is you should address it with your current attorney as they are much better suited to address your issues as they are familiar with the file.

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I agre with my colleagues. Your current lawyer has more pertinent information relating to your case. They will be better suited to provide what you are looking for.

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Employers can often be very difficult to obtain this type of information from because they simply "do not want to be bothered". I would stay on top of them. Your attorney may want to subpoena someone from your job to provide these answers. If you have been out for a period of several months then you also have your tax returns to fall back on which will support the fact that there has been a significant reduction in your wages for the year before your accident versus the year of your accident.

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