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I was involved in an accident & arrested for DUI. I have not gone to court. My insurance says they won't cover my car.

Modesto, CA |

They said there is a clause which if convicted of a felony they drop coverage to 5,000 total. That includes the other vehicle involved. I had never seen such a clause mentioned in my coverage and never signed anything mentioning this. I've asked for a copy of stated coverage and my signature signed. They still have not sent it to me. It's been over 2 weeks & a week without a response back from them. I've sent request for updates and no one is responding. The First Lady I spoke to said she would send the paperwork & still never did. The last message was she was doing an investigation on my coverage.

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First things first--I would strongly suggest retaining a Criminal Defense Attorney to help with your DUI arrest as you do not want to be convicted. If your Criminal Defense Attorney helps you to win in court, your insurance carrier cannot possibly say you are not covered no matter whether there is a clause or not in the insurance contract. Second, if you are convicted, you should retain an Insurance Law Attorney to help you investigate the coverage issue. Two weeks total for an insurance carrier to investigate a coverage issue is insufficient time. Concentrate on getting the DUI taken care of first. Best of luck.

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You need to contact a local lawyer ASAP in order to get what you need. Your lawyer can help you with the insurance company delaying tactics.


Make sure you submit your request to the insurance company in writing and be certain to ask for a certified copy of your policy. You need to give the insurance company some time to respond. If you have not heard back from them, send a follow-up letter. Consult with an attorney about your rights. You will need a personal injury lawyer as well as a criminal lawyer. Best of luck!

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You should have an attorney investigate, if that clause is applicable they need to show you had notice of it.

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Best to have a local lawyer investigate. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to find a top-rated Avvo attorney with a low contingency fee. Good luck.


You need what's called a coverage lawyer. I would also put everything in writing in dealing w/ the ins. co.


Continue speaking to your insurance company and try to put all your future communications to the company in writing. If the company indicates that it will likely deny coverage then you should contact a personal injury attorney who works on insurance coverage issues.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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