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I was invaded of my privacy by a VA employee which then she did not take my police report and then resulted in pain and no meds

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My cars were broken into and my medication along with military documents stolen I was advised that i had to file a police report to get a refill on my medication i did all that and when i went to turn it in a receptionist for the VA invaded my privacy imply that i was driving under the influence and proceeded to ask me why i had the meds in my car and why they were not in my home she kept pushing the subject and i felt invaded of my privacy i then lost it on her and said who are you to be asking me or even telling me this she stated "I guess i was thinking out loud" she didnt take my police report and caused me not to get my medication refilled by the doctor she then clld me later that day trying to cover up her error and said she left her desk to speak w/ doctor and when returned i left

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I understand that you feel insulted and rudely treated by this receptionist and that you're saying she made unjustified assumptions about you that resulted in delay in getting replacement medications. But -- unless I misunderstand -- you did fairly quickly get the replacements anyway. I also understand that the receptionist wouldn't file police reports for you. I don't understand why you needed her to do so. Is it possible to file a report about the car break-in directly with the police yourself?

I'm really saying that I don't understand what your question is. If you just want to complain about the receptionist's rudeness, I'm sure that there's a way to let her supervisor(s) know about it.



No i had the police report filed and the receptionist would not take it and it did cause a delay in me getting my medication i'm 100% disabled vet and have priority I even waited for a patient advocate and the doctor also knew that my meds had been stolen and was waiting on the police report and because of her i wasn't able to get the report in which caused me pain and suffering the next day to the point i couldn't get out of my bed and had to wear adult diapers because of my back injuries in afghanistan

William J Mertens

William J Mertens


Then I didn't fully understand the situation from your question. If you want to proceed with this, you need to discuss all the facts with an attorney in your locale. This Q&A forum is not the best place to get an attorney's take on a complicated factual situation, as opposed to some more general legal issue, because it's impossible to get into all of the facts (and often not a good idea to try to put them into a question in any public forum). The "Find a Lawyer" section here may be more helpful. I'm sure also that there are other resources for finding an attorney where you live.


I agree with my colleague. You have very little recourse when concerned with the behavior of a government employee. It does not seem like any HIPAA violations occurred here as far as medical records disclosure. And generally, being rude is not illegal. You can report this receptionist to her supervisor, but there is a good chance the complaint will not amount to much as far as results.


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