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I was injured in an automobile accident in Florida But I am from Virginia, Do I fall under Florida law code?

Virginia Beach, VA |

The insurance companies are saying that all the injured parties fall under Florida law even though all parties are from Virginia is this true?

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If your accident occurred in Florida, Florida law will govern and you should seek the advice of a Florida attorney. I am a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and would be happy to speak with you regarding your accident. Feel free to call me at 800 375 5208.

This answer cannot be a substitute for legal advice which requires more information from the client than can be obtained in this forum.


The jurisdiction where the accident occured is where any trial should occur. If you were in an accident in Virginia Beach,for instance, your case would be heard in Virginia Beach - even if you were from somewhere else and just here on vacation. There are some exceptions in certain types of cases where you can select a forum in advance, for example, but in a motor vehicle accident the law of the jurisdiction where the accident occured will be controlling on liability for personal injuries.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.


In personal injury cases, it is usually the case that the law of the place of the accident controls the case. You have a more interesting fact pattern since all the parties are in Virgina. Virginia courts probably have jurisdiction and so you can hire a Virginia lawyer to handle this matter for you. As always, do not wait to hire a lawyer as investigation need to begin and the lawyer can help with every aspect of the case. My Virginia Beach office is on Haygood Rd and we are always available for a free consultation.
Francis Hajek
Virginia Beach, Va.

Lawrence Joseph Marraffino

Lawrence Joseph Marraffino


You do not want to hire a Virginia lawyer to handle a case that would involve Florida law. Since the accident happened in Florida, Florida insurance law and negligence law would apply. Also, the investigation and witnesses are also in Florida. You should hire a Florida attorney.

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