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I was incarcerated in a notorious county jail and I was injured and was permanently disabled. Can I sue?

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I entered jail and upon booking I immediately notified the medical officer I was a heart patient and was on disability for depression and PTSD and I was on my way to schedule an appointment for back surgery that was needed immediately or I could be permanently physically disabled if I didn't have surgery soon. I also told them I was taking oxycontin and hydrocodone and would need my meds. I was denied any meds and suffered the time I was there. I started losing feeling in my left leg and eventually fell and reinjured my back and was not taken to the emergency room because he lied on the incident report. When the jail doctor did see me he ordered them to take me to the emergency room. while I was being treated the jail called the hospital and told the Dr. not to give me anything for pain.

Aside from the injury i suffered in jail I also was denied visits to the law library. I was segregated in put in a solitary cell and my privileges were taken and I had done nothing wrong. I made calls to attorneys and they found out and an attempt on my life was made. I survived and was taken back to solitary and filed a writ of habeas and my bond was lowered from $200,000 to$60,000 and was PR'd out. What can I do to compensate for my permanent injury? I have arranged for surgery but doctors say I will never be 100%.

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Solicitation of attorneys on this site is prohibited. You need a civil rights lawyer and on this site you can find one by scrolling down the list of specialities. Look at a few, re-ask your question and if you hit it off with one call him/her off-line.


This is really a civil rights and / or personal injury question, and you need an attorney that works in those fields.

This answer is intended to be taken as general information and not as specific legal advice. You should always consult a qualified attorney and make him familiar with all the relevant facts in order to get proper legal advice. Every case is different, and they must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. David N. Smith 812 W. 11th Street, Suite 201 Austin TX 78701 (512) 457-0100


Just want to add, it is due to ethical rules that attorneys are not able to contact you based on this posting. You can use the “Find a Lawyer” tab on this website to help you find an appropriate attorney in your area. Best of luck to you.

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