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I was in car accident and had a warrant so was taken do i know if i was charged with a dui? by accident report?

Stroudsburg, PA |

I was in car accident and officer gave me sobriertytest,but i just was in a bad automobile accident.He decided to just take me in anyway for warrant. I didnt take a blood,breathelizer test and not sure if i refused one iether.Upon leaving the jail the judge asked if i was charged for anything else other than my warrant and i said not that i know of...i only have documents for my bench warrant charge.could there be a pending dui charge in accident police report?

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You could receive paperwork in the mail stating that you have been charged in the next week or so. However, from what you described unless you refused to be tested I don't know if they would charge you based on what you described. Usually in Pennsylvania when there is an accident you will often see a person taken to the hospital for blood which never happened in your case. Either way, I would certainly contact an attorney immediately to look into this because if they do charge you with a refusal PENNDOT will suspend your driving privileges for a minimum of 1 year once te find out. There may be things an attorney can do since this just happened to potentially avoid this and to also reach out to officer and find out if you are being charged with anything.


I have seen indiviuals recieve paperwork later for a DUI. This can occur when they are awaiting results from the test. Since you were not given any of those tests, the only way that they would be able to charge you with a DUI is for refusal or general DUI-meaning that despite the lack of any tests the officer could determine that you were intoxicated by other means. Usually, a refusal or a general DUI would be served nearly immediately. Since they are not waiting on tests, I would think you will not recieve anything. That being said, it is not a certainty and you may still recieve something.

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