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I was in a partially at fault accident while i was under aged now I'm being sued..

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I was 17 years old, still am but just received a letter in the mail from the car i hit insurance company, saying i need to call them to workout a out of court settlement or they will file for suit. I will not call them to pay for the amount of loss because the girl i hit even said he car loan was $9,000.00 but her car was not even worth that much and she wasn't injured. Since i was 17 at the time of the accident and will most likely be 18 when I need to go to court will i still be charged as a kid? What will happen? What should i do?

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Turn this over to your insurance company because you should have been covered by your parent's insurance, and let them defend you.

Good luck.

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Contact your auto insurance company immediately and report the claim and potential law suit.


You are going to be held to the same standard as an adult. You need to turn the demand over to your insurance company right away. If you dis not have insurance on the car, call a lawyer NOW.

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Is the car in your name, or is it owned by your parents or someone else? You need to be aware that if you were driving a car that is owned by your parents, they will be legally responsible for the damages as the owner of the vehicle. Regardless of whose car it is, it is important that you immediately report the accident if you haven't already and tell them about the demand that has been made. If you don't, it could affect the availability of coverage later.