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I was in a hit and run whats a reasonable settlement ?

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I was in hit and run well training for a cycling race and was hit at 35 mph,Do to this i have suffered a 50% brain bleed as well as a lot of physical body injurys .
Since thin i have seen a good amount of diffrent doctors from diffrent feilds and have been on medical live from my job for nine months now and am lost to what to do ?
i do how ever have a good side to this my Accident was witnessed buy tree people and one was a lawyer him self and he has stated that i was in the right and that he would go to court and explain that for me .
right now i have a lawyer thats taking time but my question is since i have proven chronic injurys documented if i settle what would be the right amount and guide lines if so ?

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Your attorney is going to be in the best position to answer this question for you. In order to come up with an accurate response it is necessary to know some additional information such as: What type of job did you have at the time of the collision? How much have you lost in wages? When do you expect to be able to return to work? Are you still treating? Will you require future treatment? What is the expected cost of the future treatment? How has your daily life been affected by your injuries? What is the amount of your medical bills? Plus some information as to the defendant would help. It is not possible to give you an accurate number until you are determined to be medically stationary. I assume that your attorney is in the process of obtaining answers to the above questions, you should check in with your attorney.


If you have a lawyer, ask your lawyer. This is a place for people who do not already have lawyers.


Please make sure your lawyer has handled Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases before, or is parteneing up with a lawyer who has. A brain injury case is very different from a regular personal injury case. It requires special expertise and expert testimony, as well as specialized medical care.

Beyond that, I would say that you have to have a relationship of complete trust with your lawyer. If you want a second opinion about the value of your case from a second attorney, there's nothing wrong with that. But you should be able to tell your current lawyer you're doing that, and in fact your current lawyer should be willing to provide file materials so that another lawyer can give you a valid second opinion.


Your question is like asking, "What does a car cost?" It all depends.

Here's my ten general factors to consider when valuing a case.

Also, it concerns me that you are talking to the insurance company. Stop! Anything you say can be used against you. You should read my "dos and dont's" also.

Good Luck.

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The above is not legal advice. I cannot give you sound advice without knowing more information. It is intended to raise some issues for you to discuss with your own lawyer.