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I was in a car accident in Canada in which another driver rear-ended me and caused my vehicle to flip over twice. Can I sue him?

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This happened in August of 2013. Even though the driver was speeding, and rear ended us, we had an attorney tell us that they can't prove he was at fault so we didn't have a good case. The other driver "claims" that we swerved into his lane, even though it's not true. Nobody was killed. However, my father was seriously injured (subdural hematoma) in which he had to have surgery to drain blood from his head. This was risky and caused him pain and suffering. After the surgery, my father is doing fine now.

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The lawyers disinterest in handling the case is probably more like caused by the fact that your father is doing well then you cannot prove your case. If you and/or your father can testify as to how the accident happened and a jury finds you more credible than the other driver they can certainly find in your favor. Look for an experienced personal injury attorney who actually wants to try to help you.


This is a US forum, but you can retain a local Canada lawyer to investigate a claim.


Your father's injuries were serious enough that he should seriously consider filing suit. If he was a passenger, one of the defendants, unfortunately, should be you.

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This is a matter for Canadian law. You will want to contact and probably retain an attorney in Canada to assist you. Try

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The good news about car collisions in Canada is that generally Canadians carry high liability limit insurance. I would definitely consult another local Canadian attorney before giving up. If you contact me and tell me what province this happened in, I may be able to refer you to a good Canadian personal injury lawyer.

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