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I was in a bad accident on a motorcyle arm was hanging by a thread bleeding said i decline but i wasready on life star s/patrol

Hinesville, GA |

he stated i refuse to take the test which was not possible

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Is this an OUI/DWI question? Usually in these circumstances police will take a blood test at the hospital. Your case sounds serious and you should retain an attorney.

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It sounds like you're referring to an alcohol related roadside test? If so, with the serious injuries that you had, the police would generally obtain your blood-alcohol content from the hospital. Of course, my response is limited to the information that you provided but I do suggest that you contact a Georgia attorney for help.

Evan Kaine
Attorney at Law

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Unfortunately, your post doesn't make sense. Try reposting sop we can answer.

Were you charged with DUI?

Was someone else at fault? How badly were you hurt?


I am sorry, but your question does not make a lot of sense. Perhaps you could you reposted more clearly.

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