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I was in a accident where the person ran a stop sign hitting me in the side and causein my truck to flip 2 times.

Calhoun, GA |
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You answered your own question; you need an atttorney. Good luck.

Personal injury cases only; I'm good at it; you be the Judge! All information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. No attorney client relationship has been formed or should be inferred. Please speak with a local and qualified attorney. I truly wish you and those close to you all the best. Jeff


Yes, you absolutely need a lawyer. And you need to get the medical treatment necessary to make you better. Do both as soon as possible. Good luck.


There is no standard formula for settlement values. Many different facts go into arriving at a case value. Moreover, it sounds like your injuries have not resolved yet so it's too early to be thinking about settlement. Your best option is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer, finish treatment for your injuries and maximize your compensation.


Accident injuries depend heavily on the specific facts of the accident and the injury you suffered. You need to contact a local qualified attorney who can advise you.


Yes. You certainly should get a lawyer- an aggressive one who will personally help you through this. Essentially, insurance carriers try to negotiate every dollar they can, because every $100 means millions in the end to the Board of Directors. Many "mill" firms also nickel and dime costs because of extensive ad budgets.

Even in soft tissue injuries, those tissues stretch and scar, or cause corresponding pressure on nerves in the spinal cord, leaving behind permanent problems for some. I have had clients need surgeries years later because of a bulging disk and have their entire world collapse for what seemed inconsequential at the time. Insurance companies want you to settle as soon as possible and treat as little as possible. Attorneys matter. They change their gameplan when a lawyer is involved. It seems like your injuries are more serious.

For that reason - and the misinformation by TV lawyers and referral services- is why people should consult lawyers who take the time like on sites like this. Because of the economy, more lawyers are jumping into personal injury and should stick to what they know. Personal injury law REQUIRED knowledge about medical science and biomechanics (the forces on a body in a wreck) far greater and more specific than you'd think. The other side has doctors and millions on their side to say nothing is wrong or fight the claim.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me- Check out our website- We'd love to help you. Our number is 800-6-know-law.

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You definitely need a lawyer who concentrates his practice in personal injury, like we do. Good licluck.


Yes, get a lawyer. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo attorney with a low contingency fee. Good luck.

Licensed & have offices in PA & NJ ONLY. (Philadelphia, PA & Marlton, NJ)


You should get a lawyer soon. In my experience the longer it takes you to get a lawyer and start moving the claim forward through the process, the longer it will take to get it settled. There are definitely exceptions but generally speaking you need to keep a claim like this moving forward and not sitting still from a legal standpoint. Medically, as stated previously, seek help soon.


The first thing you need to do is get the proper medical treatment. The mere physical fact your truck flipped twice indicates you may have suffered severe injuries to to your neck and back and arm, and they will only get worse over time if not properly treated. Once you are receiving medical treatment, you need to contact a good personal injury attorney. There are lots of unanswered questions from your fact pattern but from what little you posted it sounds like you have a very strong case, and choosing the right lawyer to represent you is going to be a very important decision. Find one with significant knowledge of the insurance industry's practices, who handles auto accidents, and will aggressively protect your rights. And also one who offers free consultation.


My legal advice to you: As a former top federal government accident investigator and a former Professional Engineer with 33 years experience in engineering & accident investigation and as a lawyer with 20 years of having helped hundreds of victims of car and truck accident, you NEED to get an experienced lawyer ASAP. Every HOUR you are without an experienced lawyer could potentially damage your case significantly. This is a complex and challenging case of interacting violent physical forces and legal standards. A lawyer with a deep understanding of both the accident investigation /engineering dimension and the legal dimension of such accidents could help you maximize your recovery and compensation in this matter.


It depends on what the medical reports are saying. You should get a lawyer who know accident cases. It's worth the fee because the insurance company will not pay you anywhere near what the injury is worth.

I am licensed in Pennsylvania. Members of my firm are licensed in various states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. We handle cases involving personal injury (car accidents slip and falls, etc.,) medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, workers' compensation and social security disability. This post is not legal advice, but instead contains general educational information. Please do not act or refrain from acting based upon what you read in this post. Also please remember that this post does not form an attorney/client relationship between you and me. If you have specific legal questions, you should contact an attorney in your state for assistance.


I am sorry that you were injured in such a terrible accident. A fair settlement depends on a number of factors, but whenever you are injured as a result of another person’s negligence (carelessness), you may be entitled to compensation for (1) medical bills, (2) lost wages, (3) pain and suffering, (4) any permanent injury or disfigurement, and (5) inconvenience and loss of enjoyment of life. You may also be entitled to “punitive” damages, which are intended to punish a person for acting in a way that endangers others.
The first and most important consideration is getting whatever medical attention you need. If you have a doctor or other health provider that you see regularly, you should definitely make an appointment as soon as possible. If you do not have health insurance or the means to pay for medical care, you should go to the emergency room, or a personal injury attorney may be able to help you see a local doctor. For example, I have been able to arrange for my clients to obtain medical treatment at no cost to them, with the understanding that the client will reimburse the treatment providers once the case settles or we win at trial. Going to the doctor immediately will not only ensure that you get the medical attention you need to get better, but also document your injuries.
You should also consult with a personal injury attorney who has experience handling car accident cases as soon as possible. An initial consultation is free, and an attorney will be able to tell you what steps to take next. In the meantime, please do not speak to anyone in person or over the phone, except police, about the accident without an attorney present. Insurance adjusters are trained to minimize the damages an injured party can recover and may try to get you to admit fault in the accident.
While it can seem bewildering, an experienced attorney will know exactly what to do so that you can get all the help that you need. Good luck.


Yes. You should obtain needed medical care and treatment immediately and follow the doctor's advice. Do not give any statement to the adverse party or insurance company nor grant them access to any medical records. Photograph the injuries and the damage done to any property. Contact a personal injury attorney in your area as soon as possible so that you can protect your rights. You may also find it helpful to review the Legal Guides I have published on dealing with many of the issues you are now facing. The Guides can be accessed through my profile page on

Legal Disclaimer:

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Mr. Lundeen is licensed to practice law in Florida and Vermont. The response herein is not legal advice and does not create an attorney/client relationship. The response is in the form of legal education and is intended to provide general information about the matter within the question. Oftentimes the question does not include significant and important facts and timelines that, if known, could significantly change the reply and make it unsuitable. Mr. Lundeen strongly advises the questioner to confer with an attorney in your state in order to ensure proper advice is received.

This ans. does not create an attorney/client relationship.


A fair settlement offer is one that compensates you for your injuries and pain. Whether you get that amount depends largely on what lawyer you hire. If you hire no lawyer, you're almost certain not to get a fair offer.

Insurance companies settle only when it's in their best interest to do so. You need a lawyer who can make the insurance company want to settle. That means a lawyer who can take your case all the way to trial and win once you get there. If you want fair compensation, what you need is a trial lawyer.


You need an attorney, but you need to see a doctor or make an emergency room visit first. A personal injury attorney works with medical evidence. In most cases the medical evidence is not what you tell your attorney-- the medical evidence is what you tell your doctor and what he does to treat you. Your doctor will document his/her findings and provide you with appropriate treatment to help you recover. Do not let time lapse between getting medical treatment and the wreck. The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to prove that the accident directly caused your injuries. I know it seems obvious to you, but insurance companies will often try to deny claims where a person thought he/she was okay and waited for days or weeks before seeing a doctor. If you have health insurance, go to the doctor on your health insurance. If you have medical payment coverage on your own vehicle insurance, that will cover the medical visits. Look at your insurance policy to see if you have medical payment coverage. If you were on the job or doing work for your employer at the time of the wreck, your employer should have Workers Compensation, which will cover your medical. An attorney will be able to tell you if you have multiple claims. So, yes, you need to talk to an attorney not only about any money for your injury when you have reached maximum medical improvement, but you also need to talk to an experienced attorney about how you get the medical treatment your body needs and without which you do not have a viable claim. Some personal injury attorneys will give you a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and advise you on how to proceed to be sure that your case is handled well from the beginning. Thank you for asking the question and best wishes that you recover from this injury. Call me if I can be of service. 770 277 4944

Mr. Benedict practices law in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This opinion is for general educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice to anyone. There is no attorney/client relationship expressed or implied by this general response to a general question. Specific details not stated in the general question can result in dramatically different advice. For that reason the individual raising the question should consult an attorney with more of the details to determine if any form of legal action is in the person's interest.

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