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I was hurt after I gave my two weeks notice. I'm in Phoenix, AZ. Is employer responsible for workers comp until i find a job?

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I'm moving to another state as well. Hurt my back in a merchandising job. Had giving my 2 weeks notice and got the next week. So the last week of work I was suppose to be getting I was off work because of restrictions. I'm suppose to go back to work in a week but I'm moving before my next workers comp visit. I'm trying to figure out if my work is responsible for paying my medical bills in the other state until i get another job. Also if I'm unable to get a job because of the injury are they responsible for disability payments?

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Probably, but things will go smoother if you have a AZ workers compensation attorney before you leave the state.

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Probably, but you would need to file a "request to leave the state" with the Arizona Industrial Commission to get your out of state bills covered, and keep any compensation you may be entitled to in effect. You may also want to file a "request to change doctors" once you find a doctor in your new locale. The Commission's number is 602-542-4661.