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I was house-squatting and wanted to know if I had a right to stay even after a 3day & 2 week notice???

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I received a three day notice on my door without knock..I been squatting in a nice home for a few months nows..Been keeping the bills paid and even installed a alarm system....well some lady I called said someone had bought the house from the old owners but its wired when they ask me for the price on the mortgage price...Well I recieved a 3 day notice and told them I been scammed w/ this false lease I already had...I was told I needed to leave the house or loose my possession...I told them I needed more time and needed atleast some of my money bsck from this false 6 months lease I already paid up for! Well they told me they will give me two weeks to move and $1000 for Cash For Keys!?...Well the lady I was talking back and forth on the phone said she needed to come by and take pictures??

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Let me try to understand your question. You know that you have squatting. You know that your lease is invalid, and you know that the person(s) to whom you have been paying rent is someone who has no possessory interest in the real property. On these facts, I am not sure how you think you that you have any right to stay. Your real dispute is with the person(s) to whom you have been paying rent. They have defrauded you. File a complaint with the District Attorney's Office. Also, sue them in small claims court to try to recover your money. I wish you well with your matter.


Mr. Lowry is correct. You do not have any legal recourse from the current or prior owners of the house. Your legal action will be to recoup your losses from the person with whom you made the lease agreement. If you lost money, you are entitled to that, but you are entitled to recover through the person you made the deal with. The actual owners of the house were not at fault and are not liable.

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