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I was hit in the rear panal by a suspended license driver, the kid was arrested at the accident. I had the stop sign and he did,

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i was 3/4 into the intersection when he hit me. The ins is now saying I'm at fault cause i had the stop sign. The police was not at the accident until they were cause which is noted in the police report, but they deciding to say on there that i ran the stop sign and i also was not paying attention to the road. Im confused i don't remember the police being in my car when the accident occurred, what do i do... please help

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If i understand your post correctly you had a stop sign an he did not? Sorry to say if thats the case it sounds like the collision may have been your fault, even if you stopped becuase you have a duty to watch for oncoming traffic.


As the other attorney suggested, the primary cause is generally against the vehicle that has the traffic device (stop sign). More factors such as point of impact on the vehicles, location and the roadway, and witnesses are but some of the important considerations. Report this to your insurance company, seek out medical attention if injured, call a local personal injury attorney. Good luck.


First, please note that unless the Police witnessed the accident, the Police Report does not come into evidence. With that said, if you have a stop sign, you are supposed to wait until the intersection is clear before you proceed. The other driver hit you in the rear quarter panel, which means you were "almost" through the intersection when he hit you. Accordingly, its entirely possible that liability will be split between the two of you if the case was ever tried.


In addition, if you were issued a citation, hire a traffic court lawyer in your city for a couple hundred bucks to fight it and avoid the points.

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Report this to your insurance company, seek out medical attention if injured, call a local personal injury attorney. If issued a citation hire a traffic court attorney.

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