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I was hit from behind by a truck on the expressway ....i didnt have ins.and let it lapse...and not at fault..they pay right??

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constuction truck hit me from behind...i was not at fault..but i let my insurance lapse...they totalled my brand new chevy cruze 2012...i put in the claim...they paid my car off...but not my injuries i got from accident..!!! or medical bills..and pain and suffering..emotional they are stalling on paying me off!! what must i do..or what can i get this settled quickly and go on with my life!!?

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If you were injured, you need to consult an experienced personal injury attorney who has handled truck accidents. Truck cases are settled much more cautiously than auto cases. The fact that your insurance lapsed has nothing to do with the value of your claim.

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Do what you should've done to stArt and consult a personal injury lawyer

I can tell you from my experience trucking companies are well insured but have a habit of dragging out claims due to the vast number of the they have.

Playing with your own claim without a lawyer is as silly as letting your coverage lapse!

Stephen L. Hoffman
Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman LLC
Chicago, IL

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It does not matter that your insurance lapsed (although you should correct that!) as long as the at fault driver/company has money or coverage to pay your claim. Truck cases are different from ordinary motor vehicle collisions. You need to find a personal injury attorney who has experience handling these types of claims. Good luck.

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There is no way to make an insurance company settle quickly, or settle at all. To make them pay what they owe, you need an experienced, Chicago Personal Injury attorney. With good representation, you have a chance, at least, for a fast fair settlement. If that doesn't happen, your rights can be enforced in court.

Your next step should be a full, confidential, free consultation to go through all the details of your injury case with an attorney

Steven A. Sigmond
Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond
345 N. Canal #1208
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 756-1186

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The trucks are required to carry liability insurance. Since they paid for your car, it appears that the insurance company is not disputing liability. While there is little dispute about a value of a vehicle, the medical damages are often disputed. The insurance company may dispute the amounts, the length of the treatment, the need for tests, and causation. Often insurance companies would dispute that your pain was caused by the accident, claiming that the pain is caused by age-related issues that are not caused by the accident. In addition, a lot of times insurance companies ask you to sign medical authorization form, and if you do not read it carefully and limit it, you may be giving the insurance company permission to obtain any and all medical and employment records from all times. It is very important to seek legal advice. You need to make an appointment with a personal injury attorney in order to have your claim evaluated and to determine whether any medical report is required in order to document the nature and extent of your injuries. Very often attorneys have dealt with the insurance companies and know how to maximize the clients' recovery.
Sofia Zneimer


I agree with the responding attorneys that you should consult with an experienced truck accident attorney to help you receive the settlement that you deserve. Best of luck with your case.


If the 18 wheeler is at fault for the accident and your injuries, then it does not matter that you were uninsured at the time of the accident. However, I suggest you correct your insurance situation as soon as possible. Also, it is not surprising that the insurance company is not agreeing to pay you a fair sum to resolve your injury claims. Insurance companies only care about one thing..... paying you as little as possible to resolve your claims. At this point, the insurance company is ecstatic that you do not have an attorney to represent you in this matter. In my experience, this places you at a distinct disadvantage in attempting to obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Unless you deal with insurance adjusters on a routine basis, not matter how smart you are, you are at a disadvantage. Would you self treat a broken arm? Heart attack? Of course not. You would go see a professional, a physician, to treat those conditions. In this case you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney who handles trucking cases. It appears many of those who responded to this post are qualified to handle your case and are in your geographic area. Good luck.

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Consult with a local attorney in your area to know and protect your legal rights. Many fail to get the benefit of legal representation early on and that can impact your claim. Don't delay and don't let insurance companies take advantage of you without a lawyer.

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