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I was hit by a kid 30 years of age who was driving parents car and hit me caused 6700 damage he is unins and not on parent pol

Agawam, MA |

who is responsible? Liberty Mutual is refusing coverge and refusing to pay my renta due to kid not on parent policy. Am i gonna have to sue them. My ins is covering everything but rental

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There may be ways to get you covered if you were injured. It would be called an Uninsured Motorist claim. At the time of the incident did you own an insured vehicle (even though it was not involved in the crash)? If not, did you live with a household relative who owned and insured a vehicle? As far as the damage to your vehicle goes, if you had collision coverage then your company will pay you (minus the deductible). If not, then you would have to sue the driver and possibly the owner to get paid.

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A local lawyer should review the insurance coverage.


Ultimately, the person who caused your accident is responsible for paying for the damage to your car. Most people are insured, however, it looks like you had the unfortunate experience of being struck by an uninsured driver. Therefore, I agree with Attorney Goldberg, if you have collision insurance, you should contact your own insurance company and begin to make a claim with them.

If you were injured, you can likely make an uninsured claim with your own policy. If that is the case, I would recommend that you speak with a local attorney. Most attorneys will offer a free consultation for injury claims. I hope this answer was helpful to you. Good luck.


While the adult child may not be named on the parents policy, if the child was driving the vehicle with the permission of the parents, he should be covered under the policy as a permissive driver. Exactly why is it that the insurance carrier is saying there is no coverage for this adult child? You should ask them for a written explanation and a copy of the policy language that would prove that he is not an insured. If he turns out to be totally uninsured, you can pursue your claim through your uninsured motorist coverage, which hopefully you have already purchased before this accident.

If the insurance carrier does not provide answers to your questions, file a complaint with your State insurance commissioners office and ask for their assistance in getting a copy of the policy and a detailed explanation of the coverage issue.

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Think about suing. If it is decided that the at fault party is not covered by insurance, you may still recover even in the absence of an insurance policy.


An experienced Personal Injury attorney may be able to help you. If you were injured in this accident, your vehicle should carry a coverage known as Uninsured Motorist, which would provide coverage to you for your injuries. Call immediately to learn your rights.

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