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I was hit by a drunk driver blood tested at the hospital an hour after the crash and he wasn't charged with a DUI

Crystal Lake, IL |

The man who hit me was about 25 years old and his level of intoxication is clearly stated in the police report as .162. I spent several hours talking to the police about why this was and they claimed that since no officer had suspicion of him drinking that he couldn't be charged. Is this true?

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No it isn't true. It is also possible that the officers in the hospital were not aware of what was happening back at the station with regard to pressing charges.

I anticipate a question on AVVO soon: "I was not arrested at the scene of the accident, can they send me a summons a week after the accident charging me with DUI based on the hospital blood test?" The answer to that one will be yes.

If he was driving and if he had a .162 shortly after, the police are not doing their job if this operator is not charged.

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Police are not allowed to take blood or breath without having formed a valid suspicion of there being blood in the suspect. If they do, without showing a chain of events that includes the formation of a valid suspicion, the evidence (blood, breath) will be considered invalid due to unlawful seizure.

Andrew Daniel Myers

Andrew Daniel Myers


Thanks for the anonymous unfounded conclusion. Attorneys here are required to put our names on our answers, and having practiced for 20 years I stand by mine.



And I stand by mine, because it's not unfounded, it's true. Taking a breath or blood sample without reasonable suspicion is unlawful seizure. That's also why the cop told the OP that there was no charge because they didn't suspect the driver of drinking, hence the evidence is not admissable.


Contact your McHenry County State's Attorney.

Let him know your concern.

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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Generally, depending on the jurisdiction DUI charges are treated diffrently. It very well may be, as previously stated, that he will receive a summons in the mail at a later date to appear in court.

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