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I was hired as a full time 40 hour per week employee, my employer is only giving me 32 to 35 hours per week what can I do

Connecticut |

I work in the transportation field. With the rising cost of diesel our employer has cut our shifts from 5 a week to occasionally 4. This typically happens every other week but occasionally every week!

Since we were hired @ full time 40 hours, are they required to still provide us with 40 hours of work? The only notice we receive is a phone call the night before.

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This likely will depend on what your agreement is with your employer. Do you have a written contrat for employment? The problem you might face is that your employment may be "at will" which essentially means they can terminate you for any reason (with exception of protected categories), let alone offer you less hours. If you have a contract or agreement that requires your employer to pay you for 40 hours each week, then you might have an issue. Department of Labor is often a good resource for folks in your situation.