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I was handcuffed and given a ticket is that arrest?

Las Vegas, NV |

i was at home and someone called the cops because me and my boyfriend were arguing. the cops came an half an hour later i was home alone i did open the door (first mistake) but then i told them I'm okay then i tried to shut my door they said to open it so id did then one cop grabbed by the are and don't forget I'm pregnant and threw me out my apt. into a rail i feared my babies life he then he tried to hand cuff me without giving me a reason so yes i pulled my arms away because he was hurting me i did let him know that he was he continued to hurt me i repeatedly told him im pregnant but he continued to through me against the rail he told me he did not give a fu*k i was pregnant and then in the end i got a ticket for obstructing a police officer what type of case do i have?

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Obstructing a police officer is very broad in the State of Nevada. It involves any actions that delay the official actions of the police officer. Because of the nature of the offense, many scenarios involve a technical violation of the statute. Here, the key is what official actions the police were attempting. As in any criminal charge, the facts are very important to the analysis. If you are a first time offender, there is generally a lot of leniency.

If you want to put on a trial, I would recommend hiring a private attorney who has litigated several of these cases. Our firm has represented many defendants in obstruction cases. It is a common scenario.


It sounds like the officers overstepped there actions. I would file a complaint with internal affairs and let them investigate. From your story there is no reason to push you or anyone else. Regarding ticket, you should consider hiring attorney.

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Since you were "arrested" and/or "cited" for a criminal charge, I highly suggest you retain a licensed attorney to defend you in this matter. Also, just because you were cited, does not mean that the charges will automatically be filed against you. The City Attorney or District Attorney may decide not to pursue the charges after further review. Again, it is their burden to prove beyond a resonable doubt that you are guilty of the crimes alleged. Good luck!