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I WAS granted full ssd benefits at alj hearing on feb 13 - now they are telling me I have to have a payee - why?

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my global assessment was 50 - disabilities which were twice denied by my local office were migraines, panic, stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar and depression all of which I have been being treated for since 1999- when bipolar kicked in 2006 - I could no longer handle the stress of call center....the local office denied me twice saying yes i could - then st pete fl judge approved me favorably at alj - now i get a letter from the local office saying it is there decision that as part of receiving my benefits i have to have a payee.......from what I am reading it is no different in reporting than a guardianship - I need my back pay to pay for all the people i have borrowed from for last 2 yrs.......all i have is husband....what if he dies? I have not been declared incompetent by any judge

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This is very similar to a question that was posted earlier - so I will provide the same information for you.

You are describing what Social Security refers to as a "Representative Payee." A representative payee is assigned when Soc. Sec. feels that you need assistance with handling your money. A Global Assessment of Functioning Score of 50 indicates a serious impairment in social, educational or occupational functioning. While a low Global Assessment of Functioning Score can often be useful in obtaining an award, it may also cause the ALJ to name a payee. Usually, Social Security will name someone that you / someone who is helping you as your payee.

You have 60 days to appeal the decision to use a payee. I will assume that you were represented by an attorney. If so, you should contact him/her as soon as possible to discuss this issue. Remember - you have a limited time to appeal the decision.

I hope this works out for you - best wishes


You do have the right to appeal but in my experience this type of appeal is not successful. Typically the issue of a representative payee arises where there is a mental impairment and a GAF score of 50 does indeed indicate that type of impairment. The appointment of a representative payee is independent of whether or not you have ever been determined to be incompetent by any Court.

This information is provided as a public service to provide a general answer and should not be relied upon as legal advice.