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I was given sole parental responsibility and time-sharing of my son through the divorce.

Melbourne, FL |

My ex only has liberal phone contact through the general magistrate's recommendations, which was adopted by the Judge in the final order, although we do supervised visits about once every three months when he asks. I would like to move out of state and, after reading both the general magistrates report and the final order from the Judge, neither one says anything about getting permission to move more than 50 miles. Do I need to petition the courts to move? I have let my ex know, and he didn't say yes, but not no either.

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Great question...and the answer is YES, even though the order does not say anything about moving 50 miles, Florida Statute Section 61.13001 is the parental relocation statute that must be strictly followed. You should either obtain an attorney or carefully review the statute and I would strongly advise against moving without following the statute.

I have posted the link for you below.

Good luck to you.

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Thank you. I just wanted to make sure before I finished all of the paperwork.


The Florida rules for permanently locating a child more than 50 miles are strict, and you didn't find the rules in your order because the rules are in the Florida Statutes (61.13001). You'll probably want to speak to a lawyer because a mistake in following the rules could cause your child to be ordered back to Florida and into the custody of the other parent.

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Thank you. Due to finances, I am doing all of the paperwork on my own, but our clerk of courts site is very good about noting which forms are needed.


Perfect response by both of my esteemed colleagues.

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