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I was given an infraction for indecent exposure and trespassing at a park for changing my clothes in a car.

Fremont, CA |

I wasn't arrested because these were park rangers and I believe that none of these crimes are going against any sort of record (though I'm not too sure). Neither of them are listed as misdemeanors. Should I fight it or should I lick my chops and pay the $550 fine? Do they go against my record?

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Infractions will not go on your record. Deciding to fight or pay the ticket is totally your choise but I would suggest speaking with an attorney in your area and get their opinion.


I agree with my colleague that you should consult with an attorney. There may be defenses, issues an untrained eye might miss. Yu might also consider that if you just "lick your chops" and take them, they will show up IF in the future you are charged with the same or similar conduct. You may not get the benefit of the doubt with respect to what you were doing when exposed if the issue comes up again in the future and you could be looking at greater charges.

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