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I was given an Employment Agreement to sign, by did not sign. I have been paid for 4 months, and still have not signed.

Henderson, NV |

The for profit agency I signed the agreement for is being audited. They told me to work at home until the audit is complete. I have not signed the first Employment Agreement, but have been paid. My job description has changed, and no one has approached me about a revised agreement.

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What is your question?


Unfortunately there is more information needed to answer this question. I would suggest you contact an attorney and set up an appointment to meet and discuss it in detail. The short answer is you don't have to sign the agreement, but that Nevada is an at-will state, so they could fire you for anything, virtually. The details of your situation cannot be solved in a 3 line paragraph. Call Counsel.

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It is not clear what your question is. Unless altered by limited means, such as a proper express contract providing terms for termination, employment in Nevada is "at will." This means you can be terminated at any time, unless the termination violates public policy. It also means you can quit at any time.

You have not explained how the audit is relevant. Perhaps you can provide more information and clearly state your question so that this community can provide further guidance.

This post is for general informational purposes only. No attempt is made to provide legal advice.

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