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I was given a ticket for possession of controlled substance and sent on my way.

Santa Rosa, CA |

I was pulled over for following to close the officer said,And then said is there anything in my truck he should know about.I said no,he said would you please step out of your truck I'm going to search it I smell marijuana I said I have a card.I gave him all my paperwork,and stepped out of truck and hand cuffed me and put me in the back of his car as he went through truck and found a small amount of meth and marijuana.And then asked me if I wanted to help myself out by giving him some names of people that are big fish and he called me minion .If I give him a name this would all go away. Is that legal our what is not legal.Thank you

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Yes it is legal for cops to lie to you. Yes he can search you if he smells weed. You have the right to have weed with a PX but you do not have the right to drive and smoke weed, which can actually be a DUI.


I would have an attorney review this but yes it is legal for an officer to search your car if he believes there are illegal items in the car based on smell. Do not travel with MJ ever even if you have a PX.
Robert Driessen

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I'm not detecting the smell of anything illegal in the conduct you question. And, it is not uncommon for officers to seek 'minions' who might speak out against others who commit more serious crimes.
Another word for minion is snitch. Rat is also sometimes used.


Police do not speak with you except to find incriminating evidence. You awere given a court appearance date and a charge - what is the code number of the charge. You do need to speak to some one. At this time your concern should not be about what he did to you but what the court will do to you... jail or drug program and fines and your getting a charge on your rap sheet...